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When I think of England, I think castles. The first thing a lot of people think about England is castles and medieval fortresses. Despite England’s fame for castles, there aren’t actually that many that have survived intact.

I’ve always dreamed of owning a castle. Who hasn’t? But I know that’s very unlikely with the way the British jealously protect their heritage. Not to mention the fact that a castle would cost millions upon millions of dollars to purchase!

I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorite castles in England (lists for Scotland and Wales are forthcoming). The list is completely arbitrary based on my tastes. I’ve only been to two of them myself (Windsor and Tower of London).

I must give credit where credit is due and I’d like to thank the Wikipedia for providing such fantastically interesting trivia! Save for two, all the pictures are from wonderful photographers on Flickr who were willing to share their pictures. It was a ton of fun to do the research for this post. I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to tell me about your favorite castles in the comments!